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Everything you need to run and grow your Practice

Because your practice deserves more than just another ehr

Everything your clinical team needs to thrive

Features designed in collaboration with our Providers

Forms iQ

Customized and Automated
Love your current forms? Skip our form template library and customize your own.
💫 Your custom forms will maintain the TiQ automations our users love.

Video iQ

Encrypted & Secure Telehealth
There are no time limits, host 100+ participants with screen-sharing and collaborative whiteboard. Super intuitive host controls ensure the session runs smoothly.
💫 We'll even track your attendees for easier documentation!

Client Portal iQ

Secure Paperless Client Portal
Clients can securely and conveniently join telehealth sessions, view appointments, manage payments with no staff interaction.
💫 Your clients become empowered and engaged participants in their treatment.

SMS/Text Messaging

Secure client interaction experience

Securely share information with your clients.
Our messaging and task features makes working with clients convenient and secure.

Group Therapy

Group Session Management
With automated & streamlined scheduling, telehealth, group notes, billing, attendance tracking and reporting.

Prescribe iQ

Real-Time Prescription alerts
Electronic Prescriptions Management with Real-time Patient Benefits, Medication History plus Favorite Prescriptions
💫 Includes Pharmacy Benefit and Formulary Checks; Drug Interaction Alerts, Medication History, and Allergies

Supervision iQ

Clinical Supervision tools
In-built collaborative features like task assignment, supervision notes and supervision alerts, make it easy for you to provide high quality streamlined clinical supervision to your interns & pre-licensed clinicians.

💫 Supervisors can request revision of progress notes by their supervisees/interns as well as leave notes to guide the process

Client iQ

Manage and maintain client records
A robust client profile allows you to fully customize how you serve your clients. Client iQ automates all downstream workflows meaning no manual data entry for your team!
You can also assign a treatment team, automate billing, reminders, VOBs, invoicing, and much more.

Self Scheduling iQ

Client appointment self-service scheduling
The ability to automate scheduling is a massive time saver for the practice. No more playing phone tag with your clients. Give them the ability to schedule an appointment through their Portal using your set availability!


Manage the financial side of your Practice

Features designed in collaboration with our billers and credentialing partners

Insurance iQ

Automated Insurance Billing
✨Now includes Secondary claim automations!
Getting paid is much easier. Automated VOB checking, claim creation and ERAs posted to your client’s account.

Dynamic Ledger with Transparent Adjustments

Automated & Detailed Ledger Entries.

TiQ's automations not only save valuable time, they ensure less chance for human error. Our ledger also features adjustment transparency that makes it easy to track transactions and communicate financial information with your clients.

Reporting iQ

Digestible Actionable Business Intelligence Data
Realtime dynamic reporting that removes the guesswork out of running your Practice.
Our exportable reports can be used to track revenue generated by provider,
client retention, outstanding balances, and much more.

Credit Card Payments

Accept credit, debit cards and other forms of payment online or in person for co-pays or self-pay. Fast convenient checkouts for your team and clients. Add an compatible credit card terminal (optional) for a complete Point of Sale solution for your Practice.

Batch Payment Processing and Posting

Efficiently process & record batch insurance payments with precision
When payments come in batches, accuracy is paramount, yet it's easy to make errors.

With TiQ's Batch Payments feature, you can swiftly record all payments at once, while our system detects any potential irregularities.


Run your Practice with the best in class business tools

Features designed in collaboration with our Practice Operations partners

Calendar iQ

With 2-way Calendar Sync & Self Scheduling
Calendar iQ comes with all the calendar features you need plus quite a bit more, including; 2-way Calendar Sync and Client Self Scheduling provides you with the flexibility to allow your clients to schedule a session based on your availability.

💫 Group Therapy Session Management, Group Notes and Room Management are icing on the cake!

Conversation iQ

Convenient | Secure | Documented
Securely chat with clients via text messaging. Convenient for clients, nothing to install.
Comes with a free dedicated Practice phone number.

Reminders iQ

Automated Appointment Reminders
Reduce no-shows by over 90%. Customize the content and send schedule for text message, email & portal reminders.

Email iQ

Encrypted | Secure | Tracked
Use our library of email templates, or start from scratch. You can schedule emails to send later and track deliverability, bounces and opens with our time-saving automations.

Agency iQ

Free Accounts for all Credentialing agents, Bookkeepers and Billers!
TiQ is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your agency. You can hop between accounts, set up automations for your clients, and simplify your workflows.
Just start your trial and request an agency account!

Audit Tools

Self-Auditing Intelligence
TiQ’s Admin Dashboard allows you to run your practice from anywhere in the world. TiQ tracks Missing Documents, Missing Signatures, Waitlists, Client Retention and much more. Our audit intelligence not only provides actionable alerts, it also provides urgency and prioritization.

Waitlist iQ

No CRM? No Problem!
Supercharge your client lead flow from your website right into your TiQ. Customize your website’s intake form and our waitlist manager help you streamline your operations by adding leads to your waitlist. You can nurture the leads on this list and when ready, import leads into your active client roster with one click.

Mobile Responsive vs Mobile App

Works beautifully on any device.
We understand that not all your clients are techy so we kept web-based and simple. Whether you're using TiQ as a provider or a client on our portal. Whether in person or via telehealth. There are no apps to install, no storage space to clear.
Just log in on any device and it's on!

Practice Manager

Manage Practice-wide settings and files
It's your Practice, you should run it YOUR WAY!
Set your services exactly how you'd like. Set up trackers for the most important aspects of your business. Operational consistency is the key to scaling your Practice. TiQ's Practice Manager is where it begins.

Team Manager

Set your team up for success
Customizable roles and permissions allow you to assign each member of your team with permissions and features that tailor their experience within TiQ to their role within your organization.

The best part is that they get to enjoy features and automations that make their screen-time fast and easy so they can focus on keeping your clients happy and growing your business.

Even more features!

Clinical Form
Revenue Cycle
Calendar Sync
No Show /
Cancellation flows
Automated VOB
Room Management
Automated ERA 
Automated Claims
Custom Email &
SMS templates
Remote Electronic
User Roles
PIN Based
Custom Screening
Client Portal
with Notifications
Streamlined Workflow
Automatic insurance