Welcome to your Practice Management Operating System  

Clinical + Financial + Operational

Because it's time someone treated your Practice like a real business

We believe your Growing Practice deserves more than just another EHR...

You Deserve to be heard

Every single feature & component on TiQ has been designed by our users. We don't write a single line of code without user approval. We listen and act.

You Deserve Easy Workflows

Intuitive automations keep your team efficient and more focused on successful client outcomes. Growing your Practice along with you is our goal.

You Deserve Customization

Your Practice is unique and so are the Clients you serve. We respect that, so we built TiQ to adapt and streamline your existing workflows.

You Deserve Empathetic Support

We get it, documentation is the not the funnest part of your job. We commit to back you up by empowering & supporting you while staying open to your ideas.

Most of All Your Practice Deserves

An all in one system that automates all clinical & financial workflows while eliminating 3rd party software

Powerful Clinical Tools

Everything your clinical staff needs

Seamless intakes | Custom Form Templates | Automated Documentation | Screening Tools

Smart Financial Tools

Streamline the financial side of your Practice

Automated Insurance Claims | Revenue Cycle Management | Robust Financial Ledger

Game-changing Operational Tools

Run your Practice with the best tools in the business

Waitlist Manager | Email + SMS | Calendar Sync | Alert Dashboard

Your Practice Deserves,
Pricing that fosters growth
that's Pricing iQ

It's time to stop paying full-time rate for part-time team members.

Pricing iQ ensures you only pay for what you use:

Most enterprise software pricing is designed to charge you per user regardless of how many people on your team are actively using the software.

🌟 TiQ's Fair Billing Policy

At TiQ, you only get billed for what you use, so you don’t pay for the members who aren’t using TiQ. And if someone you already paid for becomes inactive, we’ll even add a prorated credit to your account for the unused time.

Fair’s fair.

⚡ Transparent pricing that eliminates the fear to start and grow your practice!

Starts at $19
per user per month


How to Join the TiQ Movement

Step 1.
Access the Demo

Tell us where to send the link to your On-demand Demo. Watch at your convenience.

Step 2.
Start Free Trial

Your practice is unique and TiQ is not just another a cookie cutter system. This step is where we determine if we are a match.

Step 3.
Migrate Your Data

We can help or we can empower you to do it yourself. This is also where we fully customize your account.

Step 4.
Grow Your Practice

Once your services, requirements, workflows and operations are streamlined, together, we begin growing your Practice.

Let's make growing your Practice

Go from Impossible to Inevitable.

Heartfelt Counseling Center
Founder | Clinical Director

"Really love the ability to manage website leads and also sync with external calendar meaning we can use this system as a HIPAA compliant CRM too."

Alovia Clinic
CEO | Owner Operator

"I love that the system can adapt to my Practice as opposed to the other way around. Getting my team onboard and productive was smoother than I expected."

Jim Lorem
LCSW | Owner

"Encrypted secure email within the system means we don’t have to pay for a 3rd party encrypted email system. This is not only a time saver but also a money saver for us."

Nature Therapy Group
Founder | PsyD

"There's so much we love about this system but the biggest draw for me was the in-built alert features plus reduced redundancy of typing the same thing over and over."

Wilkes Psychiatry Clinic
Founder | CCO

"Speech to text feature allows our therapists to complete work faster and more  accurately. Also love how data flows from one section to another. Huge time saver!"

Solutions for Living Therapy Center
Executive Director

"Gone are the days when I used to get embarrassed at audit time. I can now keep my staff accountable and prevent problems before they get worse"