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Here are answers to some of your questions...

Migration, onboarding and training your team can be scary 😬  Our team has experience migrating Practices from dozens of EHRs. We make sure you're comfortable at every step.

We've got your back.  🙌

We integrate with Stripe for credit card processing. We don't mark up their fees. It's 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge. Here is a link to their pricing page.

Insurance iQ is a flat rate for your entire Practice. Unlike most EHRs there are no additional fees for VOBs ERAs or Claims sent. (You actually get to keep all your hard earned 💰💰 )

Absolutely yes! Not only can you customize your TiQ forms; any custom forms you create maintain the automations you love about TiQ.

And if you're not up to building forms, our team can help 🦾

Video iQ allows you up to 250 participants per session at the same rate!
(😱 😱 nuts right?)