Nate Maingi

Nate believes technology should exist to make a positive impact on our life experience …not to be an obstacle. And at its best, it should be our invisible sidekick as we navigate life. As a serial entrepreneur and lifelong student, Nate has successfully started and exited several businesses. As early as age 19 he has been able to identify trends and opportunities and rally resources and networks to exploit the opportunity and create valuable, successful businesses. 

Although Nate has a wide business skillset, his main strength is in creating technology that solves big business problems. His focus is on providing ease and value to the end user. This philosophy is the driving force behind Therapy iQ. 

Amy Query

Amy has been a strong operational business leader in the medical industry for over 15 years. Her hands-on approach allows her to oversee and control every aspect of the product. Having previously managed medical & dental offices, Amy recently established & ran a successful Mental Health Clinic with a staff of over 20, using TiQ’s software.

Amy also has extensive marketing experience. She is highly skilled at inbound marketing via creating online courses, podcasts, email automations, etc. Amy is an evangelist for Product Led Growth in SaaS and has brought this passion and experience into the core design of Therapy iQ. 

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