Introducing: Waitlist iQ

Ditch the spreadsheets and replace them with one automated tool to track new leads and keep your Practice Waitlist organized.

FREE OF CHARGE (even if you use a traditional EHR) #JudgementFreeZone 😊

Waitlist iQ is a simple plugin for your Practice website to capture new leads and track them all in one place. And yes, all for free. But why? 

The reason is simple: we understand the frustration of dealing with manual data entry and never-ending spreadsheets, meanwhile traditional EHRs remain stuck in the past, causing you immense frustration 😠

We believe technology of the future should be a tool, not an obstacle so this is our way to give back to our mental health tribe. Whether you're a paying member of Therapy iQ or not —we believe this tool is invaluable for your practice.

Our goal is to empower you to make a difference in more people's lives, and providing Waitlist iQ for free is our way of contributing to that mission. After all, our mission is to help you, help more people, so we’re just doing just that.

How Waitlist iQ works

Step 1.

Customize Your Lead Form

Customize your lead capture form however you want to fit your practice, and capture the most essential information from your leads with the click of a button.

Step 2.

Embed Form on Your Site

We know you may not be “tech-y” so we made this part easy peasy. Embed the customized lead form into your website with a simple copy-and-paste.

(Don’t worry, we have a tutorial video walking you through this from our very own Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Amy.)

Step 3.

Effortlessly Track & Manage Your Leads

No more double data entry and endless spreadsheets. Now you can effortlessly track and manage the leads that come in through your website right in the Waitlist iQ portal.

Step 4.

Turn Leads into Clients

When leads are ready to schedule their first session with you, convert their contact from lead to waitlist with one simple click.